Genuine Client Testimonials from the Aylesbury & Rickmansworth Hypnosis and Thrive Programme Clinic

Welcoming enquiries from Amersham, Chesham, Bushey, Watford and Northwood and Uxbridge. All testimonials have all been reproduced with their kind permission

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“I promised that after I last saw you that I would let you know how I got on flying to and around America. I’m pleased to say it went great! Whilst the flights we took weren’t particularly turbulent, I felt a real sense of calm prior to and during each one. It was honestly like a weight had been lifted and flying has become a truly enjoyable, and relaxing experience again!
I wanted to thank you so much for the single hypnosis session which was so effective, and for helping me to regain control of my thinking.”

Alex, treated for fear of flying

“I just wanted to say thank you so much Cara for taking me through the Thrive and Hypno-band programmes recently. Although I have only recently completed the course, my weight problems seem just a distant memory and I now look forward to everything in life with positivity. I was very sceptical about whether or not these courses could help me but I’m so glad I made the effort to contact you as I found the whole process really relaxing and enjoyable.

The weight is still coming off easily and my whole outlook on life has changed for the better. I know my success has been down to my effort but the way you took me through the information and made me understand my self as a person has been an invaluable experience. If there are areas of your life with which you are struggling and you REALLY want to change for the better, then Thrive is a must.”

Jason, 41, Hypnoband client, lost over a stone in 5 weeks

“Having completed this book I feel like a different person. I cannot believe how happy and calm I am as a person now. After years and years of CBT and Therapy for anxiety I started the Thrive programme because it sounded like a different and much more practical and proactive approach. It is to the point, it deals with the present (rather than spending pointless hours going through childhood memories), it tackles your thinking patterns and allows you to take control.

Although I had started Thrive specifically to target Shy Bladder, after completing the book my self esteem and confidence had increased enormously. It made me realise that all my specific anxieties (e.g. shy bladder) were a result of my low self esteem and social anxiety. In other words, I was creating my own problems. This alone was a fantastic realisation as it gave me the control – if I am creating the problems, I can also stop them. This was the liberating moment for me, to realise that anxiety wasn’t something bad that was ‘happening’ to me, it was in fact just me, creating all this stress by the way I thought. This program will help you overcome a specific phobia but it will also give you so much more. It is easy to follow, although I would recommend working through it with a Thrive practitioner as I did, and if you put in the work, the results can be quick.

There are so many self help books out there that you can start to feel that nothing will work. I have tried others before and had very limited results. But Thrive is different, once I’d understood the concept and ideas of this program it was a light-bulb moment – my path to getting rid of the anxiety was suddenly very clear and very simple. I just wish I’d found Thrive sooner!”

Eleanor’s Amazon review, treated for shy bladder

I was recommended to see Cara by a doctor at the Arsenal and she introduced me to the “Thrive” book. I worked through this book with her and found out more about myself and the problems caused by my own thinking. The way I thought made me think problems were bigger than they actually were. The book was a great eye opener and a joy to work through. I would recommend this book to anyone with any problems, be they anxiety, sleeplessness or smoking, as it more than helped me.

Pat Rice, Thrive client

“Put in the effort and it will work. I was very sceptical when I first heard about the Thrive Programme if I am going to be honest. Since I could remember I had always had a fear of being sick and others being sick in front of me. I really wanted to overcome my fear and tried everything I could think of. I just couldn’t believe that this programme would work on me, I felt alone and stuck with my condition but I thought I might as well try it, nothing else so far had worked. I always felt that my emetophobia had controlled my life for all these past years but I was wrong. The only thing which made me have this phobia was myself.

You will look at your life in a completely different light. Everything you learn is relatively basic but not obvious to someone which such a phobia. The more effort you put into this course, the more you will get out of it. I would like to publicly thank one of the consultants that I saw, Cara who demonstrated all this and has taught me all I know today. My life is so much better now than it was. I am able to go out with friends on a night out, use public bathrooms without fear and watch movies in the cinema without friends vetting them first. I promise if you buy this book you will not regret it.”

Emma’s Amazon review, treated for emetophobia

Hi Cara, I hope you remember me – I completed the thrive programme with you around a year ago. I was seeing you for vaginismus. I wanted to let you know that I am completely cured of vaginismus. It didn’t happen straight away after completing the programme but I built up to it over about a month, just gradually pushing my boundaries and tolerating the uncomfortable feelings.

I am soooo much happier in all aspects of my life now. I feel more confident and comfortable in myself, have a much more internal locus of control, higher self esteem and lower (though this one still needs work!) social anxiety.So, I just wanted to let you know that you really helped me. Thrive really was the turning point for me and I recommend it to everyone I speak to in and outside of work who wants to make any kind of change in their lives. Thank you!

Sophie, Thrive Programme for vaginismus

About 12 years ago I developed an eating disorder around the time I was studying for my A levels. From then onwards things became progressively worse; depression, social anxiety, low self-esteem and body dysmorphia. Following the advice of my doctor I tried various therapies and antidepressants in my early 20s, however these were unsuccessful and I eventually gave up on finding a solution. I felt completely powerless to change how I was feeling.

More recently, a friend suggested that I book an appointment with Cara, who I cannot recommend enough! Cara is very easy to talk to and helped me feel comfortable discussing difficult issues. Cara was very patient with me and helped me to see just how detrimental my unhelpful beliefs and thinking styles were; I was creating and maintaining the feelings of depression and anxiety myself, and this could be changed. I slowly began to see that being happy was something that I did have control over, but it just hadn’t felt like it previously as my negative thoughts had become so automatic. Cara showed me how to work through the exercises in the Thrive book, and when I made a very conscious and determined effort continually over a six week period to work throug h these I began to see a huge improvement.

Once I saw the beneficial effects of applying the techniques I became even more determined to carry on working through the book and I now feel like a completely different person. Prior to completing the Thrive course I hadn’t believed that I would ever be totally free of the feelings of anxiousness and the persistent negative thoughts, but they are now completely gone and I am finally able to relax and feel happy for the first time in years. I am confident that I will never return to the way I was before as I have completely changed the way I think, and I can’t even remember what it felt like to be so unhappy! Cara has helped me to completely change my life and I couldn’t be more grateful….thank you.

Zoe, 30 , help with anxiety, depression and body dysmorphia

Dear Cara, I feel really happy and finally have control over my life – you unlocked that ability within me. I can never thank you enough for all that you’ve helped me to achieve.

Annie, 25 , help with panic attacks

I went to Cara for a consultation and felt she could help me overcoming my longstanding problem with IBS. I couldn’t believe I had been viewing myself so negatively. After my six sessions with Cara I felt confident enough to drive on the motorway and tackle heights which I hadn’t done for years. My IBS is much improved and I feel confident that with my internal locus of control being so much stronger I can only go on improving. Thank you Rob and Cara for all your help.

Jean, 77, help with irritable bowel syndrome

I just wanted to email you to thank you for the past 3 sessions, which went better than I ever imagined! Not that I did not have faith in you, because I do! I feel so happy and overwhelmed at the changes in (her) already, and thank you for teaching me lots too as I am also thinking differently and in a more positive way, thus ensuring my family try and do the same!

I was infact in my comfort zone and felt at ease during the sessions, thanks to you Cara for doing such a great job and being so genuine and friendly! I shall certainly be recommending you to absolutely everyone !!

Mother of 10 year old girl consulting for fear of feeling dizzy.

Facing redundancy for the first time in over 30 years, I thought I needed help, particularly for confidence. I hold quite a senior role in the company I am leaving, so was daunted by the prospect of finding another role at the same level, as I felt my self-confidence didn’t match the requirement for the seniority of roles I’d be looking for. I put this down to my childhood, where I’d always been told at school that I lacked confidence, and it’s plagued me ever since.

I booked to see a hypnotherapist (the wonderful Cara Ostryn – if you live in the Watford/Harrow/Rickmansworth area, Google her!), as I figured this would be a good way to tackle my issues. Instead of offering me hypnotherapy, Cara introduced me to the Thrive programme. How wrong I was about the roots of my issues! Over a series of 6 weeks, Cara took me through this marvellous book. It tackles every aspect of your limiting beliefs, with simple exercises that are fun and easy to do. By testing yourself at the beginning and end of the programme, in a tangible way you can see for yourself the change it’s had upon you. And because you are answering the questions for yourself, how YOU feel and what YOU believe, you know for sure that the change has happened.

I’ve read all sorts of self-help books over the years – What to say when you talk to yourself, the magic of thinking big, feel the fear and do it anyway, are just a few that spring to mind – and any benefit has been very short-lived. By using this book, I really feel as though I’ve made a fundamental and lasting change. review from Thrive client

Just wanted to let you know that I went to a sleepover at the weekend and felt completely good about it. I have also sat several exams since I have seen you and they were really good, I was a little nervous and first but calmed myself down and got good grades. Thank you for all your help:)

Penny, 14, Thrive for fear of exams and sleepovers

I saw Cara for 5 sessions mainly to help with my emetophobia but also some other more general issues too.  I started going to work through the book on my own, but felt that seeing a therapist would help me to understand it in more detail.

I cant recommend both Thrive and Cara enough!  With regards to Thrive, I just wish I had discovered it sooner! It makes total sense and once you master how to manage your thinking, and how damaging some thinking ‘styles’ are, you will feel so much better. Its hard work and only you can do it, but if you put in the effort you will see results really quickly.

I feel so much happier now and in control of my life. I’m glad I choose to work through Thrive with Cara. I loved her approach, felt very comfortable talking to her and she explained everything in a clear way. I honestly feel that it was money well spent and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend thrive and Cara to anyone struggling with any phobias or anxieties.

Penny, treated for fear of being sick

I came to Cara to try to alleviate my social-anxiety. I was so nervous about leaving my house just because of how I looked every single day; I would spend hours indoors just waiting by the door to pluck up the courage to leave. My focus at school was beginning to drop and I was just getting worse. After just a couple of sessions with Cara I felt so much better, like a completely different person! I can’t even remember what it was like to be so worried and stressed out.

When I go back to the beginning of my Thrive book and look at some of the answers I gave to the quizzes I think: ‘Why would I have said that? Did I really used to believe that?’ After completing the course I feel so much more free and can have a happy day every day! I cannot both thank nor recommend Cara enough, she has done so much to help me and my life has truly been changed. Thank You Cara 🙂

Elliot, 14, treated for insecurity about his appearance

When I came to see Cara for the first time I was suffering from insomnia and major night-time anxiety. I also had various compulsive behaviours that I felt were out of control. Even after the first session I already felt a lot better and hopeful for the first time in a long while that I would be able to overcome the problems I was having. And I did. Six sessions later and I felt like a different person. We talked about the underlying reasons why I was having the problems I was experiencing and worked on boosting my self-confidence and belief in myself. Really amazing. I can’t recommend Cara highly enough. She made everything clear and easy to understand but maybe even more importantly, at the same time as working through some serious issues, there was also time to laugh.

Sam, 33, treated for insomnia with Thrive

i cannot recommend this lady enough….. She enjoys the fact she is helping you and her compassion, understanding , ease and trustworthiness is second to none. She does all sorts of therapy and even offers a free consultation to see if the therapy is suited to you. So worth every penny i spent and i was kinda sad when she “sorted me out” because i wouldnt see her again. Good luck Oh and she has a fantastic sense of humor

Anonymous quote taken from Thank you to whoever wrote it!

Having had vaginismus for 10 years I was beginning to give up on the idea of ever being able to have sex. I’d tried counselling and psychosexual therapy for years with very little progress, but all I’d needed was 6 sessions of Thrive. Cara really helped me see that sex was possible and all that was stopping me was me! Through the programme and my sessions with Cara, I have been able to understand and manage my thoughts an feelings in other situations too and am able to worry less about always being in control. I really do feel now that anything is possible. Cara, I cannot thank you enough- my life has changed so much and I can now really look forward to my future.

Millie, 28, treated for vaginismus

For 3 years I have suffered with vaginismus and I thought it was a problem with me, an unsolvable problem. Until I met Cara!
That sounds corny, I know but its true. I come across Cara’s website through simply searching the term vaginismus online & was suddenly filled with hope that there was a cure! – THRIVE.

I battled with vaginismus to the point where sex was not possible at all, I had been told by Doctor’s and gynaecologists that this condition was very difficult to treat and required physical treatment, examinations – you name it!  Anybody experiencing this condition will understand what I mean when it feels like your hitting a brick wall followed by feeling very down after each failure.

After seeing Cara I am able to have sex and actually enjoy it! I initially consulted with Cara for just this issue however I also was battling with anxiety, OCD and panic attacks. The THRIVE programme and Cara’s brilliant consultations helped me overcome all of these issues I have been experiencing for a very long time. I feel like a different person now & I cannot thank Cara enough for everything she has done for me or should I say everything she has helped me do for myself!

Her genuine care through the entire programme was amazing and I could not help but feel teary when she hugged me goodbye. Every penny spent and every minute spent was worth it and I will continue referring to Thrive for the rest of my life. Meeting with Cara and taking part in the THRIVE programme has really made me learn much more about myself, things I never knew before. I now feel like I can overcome anything.

Thank you SO much for all of your help Cara, feel like a little butterfly let loose!

Hannah, 21, treated for vaginismus and OCD with Thrive

After my 20th birthday, I developed a sudden and consuming fear of death.  With this fear came panic attacks, after the first few sessions of Thrive I no longer experienced the panic attacks, and the headaches I had been suffering from due to stress also began to disappear.  Working through the book with Cara has helped me in more ways than I can express on paper and I would recommend this treatment for anyone, especially those who experience panic attacks.

Ellie, 20, treated for panic attacks and health anxiety

Louise Fellows, 38, talks about her experience of Thrive to overcome her emetophobia…

“From as young as 8 years old I developed an ever growing fear of sickness, although I’m not sure what it was that started it. Since then my emetophobia had developed a growing debilitating presence in my everyday life. I developed obsessive cleaning and sanitation habits as I was terrified of getting anything like Norovirus. Through recognizing my career aspirations and ambitions, some significant life changing events (Divorce), battling with Depression in my early 20’s for 18 months and now being a proud mum to my seven year old son meant I couldn’t go on anymore with this phobia it was really ruining my life.

It was only after I researched “fear of sickness” online that I realised firstly it had a name “emetophobia” and secondly that I wasn’t alone and thirdly there was a programme called “THRIVE” that could cure me! WOW! So I found my amazing Thrive consultant, Cara.  Cara worked patiently and encouragingly with me through the programme and was my absolute rock and anchor to help me understand my inner workings and my belief systems which helped me find that cure.

The fantastic thing about Cara and the Thrive programme is that she made me understand that it was ME that would find the cure! The Thrive book was my training course and Cara supported every step along the way but it was down to me to put the effort in and work through the exercises and process process process my mind to make this change.

Cara helped me learn so much about myself, people have seen such a significant change in me. As well as Cara helping me cure my phobia, she has given me confidence. I have a renewed gravitas in my personal and professional life. It’s a whole new me, and I can’t actually believe a book has done this for me. It has changed my life, it was worth every penny. I’m sure like any emetephobe that this review reaches out to, you only need to take 6 weeks of your life after suffering years of misery to cure this debilitating and secret Phobia. Thrive really is a cure. Thank you Cara so much, I hope that many more emetephobes come to you for this cure.

I have been a lifelong nail biter (58 years) and had tried everything to break the habit, but nothing worked on a permanent basis. After just two sessions of the Thrive Programme I have stopped biting my nails and the desire to do so has disappeared completely.”

Tricia, 58 , help for nail biting

I am proud to say that I am an ex-emetophobe! This is all thanks to the exercises and techniques in the Thrive book and Cara. It has completely changed my life; and no amount of thank yous would be enough for Cara showing me how to effectively use the exercises and techniques in the Thrive book, and supporting me.

I recommend this to anyone who has a fear, phobia, anxiety, stress, etc. Try the Thrive Programme and I guarantee you will a whole load better, especially with Cara helping you. It is completely different from other therapies such as CBT, it makes you feel good about yourself and empowers you, so you can get over your problem.  It’s surprising how just changing the way you think and react to things can help so much, and this is all thanks to Thrive.

Aisha, 21, treated for emetophobia with Thrive


Although the messages were difficult I was really pleased how I was able to deliver them. I felt much more relaxed and confident than I ever imagined I would. In fact for the larger most difficult session I felt really in control – which was amazing bearing in mind the subject matter and the audience.

I feel much more confident overall. So thank you – I think it’s been brilliant!

Vince, 48, fear of public speaking

I’ve never been so grateful for the existence of a programme which genuinely is so different and helpful over therapies such as CBT.

A major example of my problems included feeling depressed on a regular basis and using alcohol and destructive behaviours as a way to mask these feelings. I was often told to just stop drinking and to stop engaging in certain behaviours, despite having never really been told how. It constantly made me feel like I was helpless, and began to believe that I should accept that this is me, my personality, and theres no point trying to change my ways.

Thrive is an actively engaging programme which… really does change the way you react, think and feel about almost everything in life.  It has truly made me realise that life is actually pretty simple, and what happened to me in the past is the past, and by simply re-gaining control of my thoughts and therefore actions, I am the happiest I could have ever imagined. Thrive truly saved me, and nothing I can say can explain the depth and extent to which it did so, but all I know is that those feelings of sadness and helplessness are a genuine distant memory and Ive never felt so in control of all my emotions.

Even if theres someone out there with minor confidence issues, giving up addictions, or weight-loss, theres nothing I would recommend more than this programme. It lasts forever, because you don’t just leave the programme with a list of techniques and ideas, you leave a changed you.

Jasmin, 20, Thrive client

I just thought I would give you an update now it is 6 weeks since I saw you. I am still not smoking and really have not desired one either. In actual fact it has impressed my friends so much that they want your contact details for themselves. Next step is to get fit and I have just joined a Gym. The master plan is now in full swing. Anyway thanks again for what seems like an excellent therapy session.

Nick, 52, Stop smoking client


I feel like i have been on a journey with this and you have been brilliant. I now feel more confident and can understand why I felt so negative about lots of my life. I am 50 this year and I feel like I am on the threshold of life!!! No more negative thoughts for me. I now look and observe people in a different way and I feel more pragmatic about my life. This has given me my life back.

Louise, 49, treated for stress and confidence using Thrive


Well I can’t believe how easy it has been not to have a cigarette…I am feeling very proud of myself well done me!! I am so glad I came to see you.

Sasha, 44, Stop smoking client


The thrive programme has helped me so much throughout these last few months since finishing the sessions. Whenever i feel anxious or worried i will use the techniques you have given me. I have been in a few situations but i didn’t panic, I carried on with whatever i was doing and soon forgot about it. Also last year i felt anxious about being in an exam, if i was sick whilst doing the exam i couldn’t sleep or eat much. But this year, i felt absolutely fine doing my exams. I completely forgot about it!

For once in my life i feel free. I can do whatever i want to do. I can eat anything without hesitating. For 5 years i had been living with emetophobia. Now after doing the thrive programme i no longer have this phobia. Thank you so much Cara! 🙂

Marc, 14, treated for phobia of sick with The Thrive Programme

Having suffered from insomnia for many years I finally got to the point that I had to do something about it.   Meeting Cara and working through the Thrive book has cured me of my sleepless nights, made me more confident, less self-critical and much more of a positive person.  The workbook is so well written and easy to follow – it all made perfect sense.  Working through the book with Cara was so helpful and I learnt a lot about myself in just four sessions.  Cara was lovely, easy to talk to and so understanding.  Thank you.

Sue, 42, treated for chronic insomnia

The funeral yesterday was lovely and my reading went incredibly well. Having previously broken out in cold sweats with a pounding heart just at the thought of public speaking, yesterday I wasn’t in the least bit nervous before or during the reading and, shock horror, I actually enjoyed it!

Kelly, 32, Thrive/Hypnotherapy client, fear of public speaking.

Coming to see you to do the Thrive programme was the best thing I’ve done in a very long time. I am so glad I made that initial effort, that step towards change.

Firstly – just coming to see you – a sympathetic ear, and a lovely, caring soul – I found it really hard to look inside my own head and analyze my thoughts. With your help, it was possible. All done with a delightful humour too, I do wish I could have you on my doorstep for a chat whenever I felt like it.

Secondly – the thrive programme – it is amazing. I think a lot of it is common sense but we are strange beasts and the daft things we do to ourselves do need to be pointed out to us. We allow ourselves become creatures of habit and unfortunately mostly bad habits – most of us need someone or something to help us break the pattern. I feel as if a large wad of cotton wool has been lifted from my head – as if I’ve stepped out from the fog.

I was suffering increasing social anxiety and low self-esteem. I felt completely trapped and unable to change anything. I had even started to feel ‘scared’ of all sorts of things that had never before and was putting it down to just getting older. My friends and family would probably not have realized that I suffered from these feelings – which did descend at times into depression. My husband, on the other hand, probably suffered as much as me! The Thrive programme showed me that I had been beating myself up for years and suffering very unhelpful thinking styles. It has enabled me to take control of my mind and therefore actions.

I now feel really happy and I feel as if I could do anything. I’ve not quite decided what it is I want to do yet but I am really excited.

I am almost there, it is not yet second nature to me and I am still doing the exercises. I also have to set my goals and start to achieve new heights. However I feel I have the tools with which to do all this.

The course does include some hard work. I had to commit, make time and work through the exercises. But it was so enlightening and refreshing to challenge my thinking that I came to enjoy it.

I couldn’t have done it without you. And I can’t thank you enough.

Louise, 48, Thrive client, consulted for feeling stuck in a rut.

Working through the Thrive Programme with you has been a truly remarkable experience. It’s been an awakening; as though I’ve spent the last 43 years playing a cruel ‘Jedi mind trick’ on myself, which most of the time I didn’t even realise I was doing.

For as long as I can remember I’ve had moderate social anxiety, very low self-esteem, intermittent impotence, depressive feelings, a tendency to brood and fixate, and generally this niggling feeling that I was bit rubbish, unattractive and not particularly likeable.

Like many in my situation this was all very carefully disguised with such an elaborate masquerade that my closest friends would be shocked to discover it.  Mostly I blocked it out, but it was always there under the surface, festering away.  I had come to believe that my childhood and adolescence (they were far from happy) was the cause for all this, and it was inevitable I had turned out the way I had.

Well no more.  With your help and the Thrive programme I have changed everything. Yes I did it, you certainly showed me the way, but I did it!  And further more I will continue to do so, practising the various techniques until they are second nature or no longer required at all.

I should stress that anyone worried or nervous about discussing deeply personal or private problems with you need not worry.  At no time did I feel uncomfortable or embarrassed (as one might expect) discussing the most personal of issues.  This is testament not only to your professionalism, but your kind, non-judgemental and evidently caring nature.  We can throw in a sense of humour for good measure there too!

So now I’m in control.  I’m in the driving seat, avoiding the potholes and making use of the rear-view mirror. For I may not have been in the driving seat for long, but I can see I’ve already come a long way…

Thanks a million!

Mike, 42 , Thrive client

Hi Cara, Just to let you know how **** is getting on. He’s now going upstairs on his own, asking for the lights to be turned off, and even saying he can’t sleep because it is too bright. He was so excited (after the session), and bedtimes all this week have been something he really looks forward to. Thank you so much, his whole attitude seems to have changed from one short visit.

Mum of 8 year old boy, treated for fear of the dark

Just wanted to say thank you for all you have helped with, for the first time in my life I feel in control of my eating and a lot more confident in myself that I can reach my goal. I am sleeping better and not worrying so much about (things).

Maggie, 73, Hypnoband

I decided to seek help at a time in my life when, I had some really big challenges to face and I couldn’t see a positive way forward. I worked through this book with Cara Ostryn who is based in Rickmansworth. Looking back I can’t believe how quickly my life has turned around. Now I face my challenges with confidence, rather then finding ways to avoid them. I have achieved things that I never believed I could. I highly recommend ‘Changing Limiting Beliefs’ to anyone who needs to change their life. A big thanks to Rob and Cara. review of Thrive

So do I just want to say thank you to you?? NOT really, I want to big you a big big sisterly HUG! For your kindness and compassion, for your support and care, for your commitment and understanding, for being so non judgemental, for being patient, for being sweet, for being the person there for me at a difficult time, for being my confidente ,who listened to me, heard me and helped me find my way, my shining star !!!!!!

You have truly been inspiring to me in a lot of ways, and you have touched my life in a way that I will cherish and hold forever. I am feeling more confident and my self esteem has improved tremendously and I can honestly say I feel ‘really content’…

Things are changing for the better, I am the one who is changing and I am enjoying it. I am more aware of myself and my control over ‘me’, which feels really good…. so thank you for making me smile 🙂

Sara, 40, Thrive client

…you will be pleased to know I have not touched a cigarette since our session…That’s 7 weeks today! You were right, you have to want to do it, and put effort in but actually it’s got easier as the weeks have gone by. The real test was when I have had a few drinks and my inhibitions go out the window but I have a strong belief I am not addicted so what’s the point? I am a non-smoker and proud!

Thank you for making me see sense, I really enjoyed the session and highly recommend it.

Caroline, stop smoking client

Dearest Cara, I really don’t know how to say thank you enough, you have changed my life completely! I know what you would say, and that is that it was me that did that! Yes you are right, but without your kindness, complete understanding and amazing knowledge of what you do, i could never have come so far! I came to you for my emetophobia, due to a recommendation from a friend of a friend, and the fact that you had treated a lot of emetophobes!

I have to say i was very sceptical to start, as everywhere i looked on the subject said there was no cure, i now know that is rubbish and believe i am cured!!!  Not only did you help with that,but also with my low self-esteem and social anxiety, of which i didn’t realise were so bad, or how long they have been with me. I really wish i could have met you sooner, so i wouldn’t have missed out so much in life. But i can tell you what,there is no stopping me now. I know now that the only person in life holding me back is me! But not anymore. I know there will be challenges in life , but you have taught me the tools to deal with these and those tools and beliefs shall stay with me forever.

My relationship with my children is now amazing, due to me being less stressed, less anxious and having so much more fun in life!! All my friends want to know what i am taking, as they have seen such a dramatic change in me, they certainly don’t believe me when i say its just me enjoying life!! I came to you a total wreck, ready to leave my kids because i couldn’t cope with the constant obsessing about sick, thinking about it 100 or more times a day, now i probably only think about 1 or 2 times a day, and cant get enough of my children and enriching their life with all those things that kids should be doing, which i stopped due to my phobia.

I cant recommend you enough to people, i think Cara Ostryn should be  on the national health and it be available to everyone!!!! This whole process has made me think about my future … but now i have been through ‘ changing limiting beliefs’ and totally believe in this, i would like to do the same, i want to be able to help people in the same way i have. If i could help just one person in the same way it would be worth while! I would just like to say again THANK YOU, you have changed my life!!!

Maggie, 32, treated for emetophobia

At a last resort I came to Cara with diagnosed depression, low self esteem issues and what i considered to be a ‘self destructive personality’…we embarked on a session of shifting perspective and beyond all expectation it was then that i literally had the most profound awakening. I was able to rationalise that every single negative event in my life had been driven by my ability to foresee failure. I had literally used my ‘depression’ as a security blanket to excuse myself from even trying to be a mother & wife, to work, to get out of bed; to partake in life.

I learned in an instant that instead of my compulsions being symptomatic of my illness, as i had always believed that in fact I had consciously chosen to take the paths I had taken in life. I realised that faced with any dilemma, instead of taking control, i had taken the easy way out and chosen to be a victim. With this knowledge i literally skipped out of Cara’s office, not concerned with what demons I had left there, but feeling like i had been given another shot and stripped of my comfort blanket, I now have no option but to take control and responsibility for my life. As a result I am free from the past and so excited about what the future holds.

Natalie, 34, treated for problems with weight, alcohol, depression and anxiety

Hi Cara!!! I’m sorry I didn’t get in touch sooner. I was just worried to say I was 99% better without actually experiencing a vomit situation!!! today my darling daughter vomited on me in my mums car (she has tonsillitis) and I coped!!!! I dealt with it and felt panic for approx 1min!!!! U have changed my life!!! Thank u !!

Amanda, 31, treated for emetophobia

I still amaze myself at how in control I am… My clothes are much looser and I feel so much better about myself and my ability to reach my target. I don’t think I have ever been so focused, I don’t even think that’s the right word as I just don’t think about food anymore unless I am hungry or planning a meal. It no longer dominates my thoughts which is brilliant! I am still in awe of myself and giving lots of pats on the back!!

Sarah 45, Hypnoband

… After having buried the memories so deeply that there was no trace left in my conscious mind until two years ago, I came to the realization of my subconscious baggage by questioning the distant, silent disturbance which somehow kept me in a state of uncertainty, alienation and low self-esteem…. I experienced social anxiety, unexplainable nervous twitches and negative thoughts such as shame, guilt and fear.

To all of you who suspect that there is something wrong with you, something which is holding you back from embracing the day, thinking positively about the future and feeling good about yourselves; I hope that you can believe me when I say that you are as wonderful as those people who you admire and Cara is able to help you to become that person. After seven sessions I am happy to say that I came to the root with the problem and when I think about it now, it almost seems trivial to me…now I am safe, I am free and I am feeling good about myself…

Jessica, 26, treated for guilt and anxiety from sexual abuse

Just a little message to thank you for everything Cara, its been so good find such a fantastic therapy and coupled with a fantastic person who doesn’t make you feel judged whilst you are judging yourself! I really do feel great and very happy about the future now.

Sammy, 31, treated for intrusive sexual thoughts with Thrive

Just to say once again thank you so much for all your help, I am doing really well and life could not be better. Challenging limiting beliefs really work, for me just knowing that I am in control of my thoughts has empowered me to deal and have control about having anxieties about harming my child. I used to live on the edge asking myself why I was having these thoughts and hence giving meaning to them, now I know I am in control and I know they have no meaning to me.

Cara is such an easy person to speak to and is non judgemental, when I had my first meeting I knew she would be right for me as she I could see that she was really interested in my getting better, I would recommend anyone.

Valerie, 32, treated for intrusive violent thoughts

When I contacted Cara, I was at yet another ‘rock-bottom’ in my life.  I had allowed my life to spiral out of control fuelled by serious heavy drinking.  I believed I had never been a confident person. I held many other negative beliefs which I now know – through hypno-analysis- were ruining my life.  I was sceptical about hypno-analysis but determined to finally find out what was causing me to drink so heavily and so unhappilly.

On meeting Cara, I immediately felt that she was a person I could trust and work with. Near the end of my treatment, during a session, I had an experience that I still find very difficult to explain.  What I do know is that all the negative feelings and beliefs I had before stopped. It was a life-changing experience for me.  Although I had approached Cara for help with my drink problem, a whole host of other detritus affecting me disappeared from my outlook on life. I can’t thank Cara enough for what she did for me.

Matthew, 43, Treated for an alcohol problem

When i first came to see cara i had been suffering from social phobia for many years and low labido that i thought was part me. I was not happy with myself i wanted to change and tried many forms of therapies namely, reflexology, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, etc, but none of them helped to get to the root of the problem.

I think i came to see cara at the right time and i am glad i did as i had no energy to do anything even everyday things like house work, shopping, picking kids up from school seemed a great effort until i came to see cara, she was warm and approachable and made me feel at ease, and after four sessions i began to notice the difference and felt great and had energy.

I am no longer nervous and rigid around people, i dont fear social situations like i used to. i no longer feel overwhelmed with tasks, i just get on with things now. My labido is also much better now.

Farrah, 40, treated for confidence and social anxiety

Hi Cara, it’s Nicky. I just want to say a massive thank you. I am feeling so much better, not just about sick but life in general just feels easier. I never thought I could feel like this again. I am eternally grateful, thank you again x

Nicky, 31, treated for emetophobia

I was a 17-year old having real problems with anxiety and obsessive thoughts about violence etc, that even though I felt wasn’t within my capabilities, still frightened me. Over a year later, I would like to say the biggest thank you for your help in given my normal life back, at a time where I didn’t know what was happening to me. At the worse times, the thing that kept me going was looking forward to the appointments I
had, in the belief that you would give me greater courage, and it worked every time…

It has benefited my life so much to be able to rid myself of these anxieties. Where I used to avoid awkward social situations, such as being on my own with someone whom I don’t really know, I now feel so much more confident. My self-confidence has gone through the roof, and friends have commented recently about how I seem to come more out of my shell, something I have found difficult ever since I was a small child.

The past year has seen many good things happen to me, but writing this email to both you and Rob (Kelly) is up there in terms of giving me the greatest satisfaction. The words above inadequately describe how eternally grateful I am for what you’ve done.

Richard, 18, treated for negative obsessive thoughts and social anxiety

Just thought I would let you know that all is going well and I have not had a cigarette since our session, although I have killed eight people (Joke)

Garry, 48, hypnotherapy for stopping smoking

Wow once I had got to that ‘end’ point it felt absolutely amazing…it was such a release to get rid of those bottled up emotions I had been holding for the last 20 years!…I now can start enjoying my life knowing that I am not carrying emotional baggage which was affecting all aspects of my life. Now its time to start living!

Tina, 25, treated for low self esteem

Dearest Cara, well where do I start….it’s been an incredible journey from the 1st day I met you. Your support and kindness in helping me through the therapy has been extraordinary! Without your warmth and caring nature…I would not have succeeded in getting the amazing result I did. You have truly changed my life forever! I am finally free from the emotional chains that have stopped me from being truly happy deep inside.

The battle I had been experiencing all my life with negative emotions is now going (and I feel almost gone completely). Through the understanding and letting go of old emotions I can look forward to a positive, happy and confident future. I no longer felt insecure, defensive, guilty or self conscious… I didn’t feel I needed to please people anymore, or think that I upset people, I didn’t have the feeling I have anything to hide, no lump in my throat and didn’t feel angry or depressed unecessarily. I used to feel like I did not want to carry on living – that’s now gone. Instead, I felt genuinely happy, hopeful, confident.  I have got my personal power back, I remember things better,I am more honest about what I feel and am not worried about what people will think of me.

I fully understand the link between my past and what’s been happening in my life. Finally, it’s been like a weight lifted off my mind! Words cannot describe how grateful I am for your help. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Nikki, 42, Consulting for fear of public speaking, lack of confidence at work and general negative emotions

Cara has helped me to overcome the guilt I felt in every day life. I now realise that the guilt I felt was not necessary and not normal. It is so nice to make normal rash decisions now and not feeling guilty about everything and anything.

Food has always been a big issue with me and even eating a big meal I would get a sense of huge guilt come over me, feeling that I need to get it out of my body. Guilt now does not affect me and I now realise it shouldn’t. I totally recommend Cara to anyone who wants to clear unwanted emotions and just feel better about everything.

When I finished my analysis I felt the biggest weight just been lifted off my shoulders. Things that used to make me tearful and upset now just feel like a memory in my childhood. I just couldn’t stop smiling and still cant. Cara is such a special woman and she helped me so much. It is the best I have ever felt and such an amazing feeling to have in just a few weeks.

Lynne, 19, treated for guilt and issues around eating.

I have no hesitation in recommending Cara. The best way to describe how I feel after completing hypnotherapy is that I feel like I have put down a weight that I didn’t know I was carrying for many years.

I was slightly unsure about what to expect from hypnotherapy and was relieved that Cara explained and guided me through the experience in a friendly and professional way. Though it wasn’t always easy, Cara supported me throughout the process and helped me to understand what was happening.

It has really helped me get a better understanding of myself, why I was feeling/acting in certain ways. I have seen actual benefits both in how I feel and the relationships I have with other people. I feel happy, calm, confident and able to deal with life in an appropriate way.

Alex, 33, treated for Premature Ejaculation

I just want to say ”thank you” Cara. I haven’t even felt like wanting to smoke a cigarette plus there were a couple of tough days as well. All i did was walk away from the problem and returned later on. Usually i’d have smoked myself stupid in getting the matter resolved. It’s just getting used to doing the things i usually did but without smoking ….easy peasy lemon squeezy..!!

Ian, 45, treated for stopping smoking.

I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for 14 years. I tried everything to get better, psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, cognitive behaviour therapy, medicines, tablets, even religion, but nothing seemed to work. And then I met Cara and for the first time I could see definite signs of improvement, I felt much much better. And what it is most important, she is the only one among about 15 doctors I met who really cared. Most of them were cold, distant and they didn’t really understood what I was feeling and going through.

I just want to thank you, Cara, so so much because you make me feel understood and for your exceptional humanity, caring for me and asking about my progress.You made me feel not like a ” case” but like a person and that I can actually get better and defeat my anxiety.

Alice, 32, treated for panic attacks

My panic attacks started at the age of 24. Having been on antidepressants for 10 years and it taking me three years to come off of them, you can imagine my despair when my dear father passed away suddenly last year and the panic and anxiety started to resurface again. My life became somewhat of a daily struggle with a list of anxiety symptons as long as my arm and with a young baby to look after I decided to seek some help. I so desperately did not want to go back down the medication route. I just wanted to enjoy life again!

That help came from you Cara. To say that I was sceptical about hypnoanalysis is an understatement, but what did I have to lose. I was quite nervous on my first appointment but you made me feel at ease straight away. As my treatment continued and as each week passed I began to feel more relaxed and calm and slowly but surely my anxiety symptons and the panic attacks seemed to slowly fade away. People around me also started to notice the difference in me too, I started looking forward to the day rather than waiting for the anxiety to raise it’s ugly head. The main difference was this whole new amazing POSITIVE outlook that I now have.

I can’t thank you enough Cara for your support and understanding and I’m now enjoying life again WITHOUT antidepressants which I never thought possible. I really can’t recommend this therapy enough.

Sally, 37, treated for anxiety and panic attacks

Dearest Cara, What can I say, I know it sounds cheesy but I honestly feel like today is a fresh slate and a new start to my life! I left your room feeling invincible, I felt like I could do anything I put my mind to.  I know it sounds very bizzare but I felt like I wanted to come home and try and make myself sick to prove to myself that it wasn’t all that bad and so what… its only sick! I don’t feel scared!  I’m on such a high its hard to put into words how I feel.  I have so much positivity in the fact that I will do everything that scares me, I can’t wait to get in a lift, take a trip on the train, go flying, it doesn’t matter what it is, I just want to do it. I would never have even thought about doing these things until I met you.

I really did think that the way I was feeling before I met you was how life was mapped out for me and that I could just go about life avoiding all the things that scared me.  Until I realised that my phobia’s were getting worse, to the point that I worried they would rub off onto my beautiful children.  I didn’t want them to grow up wondering why mummy didn’t do things that other mum’s did!

Meeting you was the turning point in my life.  Sometimes I dreaded going to the sessions and felt guilty (as I always did) for feeling like this.  No matter how each session went you always made me feel like I could achieve anything and that I would reach the end of therapy… and I did.  You always had so much faith in me and didn’t allow me to give up and I thank you for that.  Going through the therapy isn’t the easiest thing I have ever done but having you there with me along the way made it much easier… actually it was quite funny at times!  You are one in a million and I thank you for everything you have done for me! xxxx

Janine, 33, treated for emetophobia (phobia of being sick)

I initially sought out Cara to help me overcome my weight problem and issues with food-I’d been through a very bad year, and my comfort eating had taken on a whole new level. My life felt like it was spiralling out of control and I was sabotaging my own efforts to reign it back in. Although I had been thinking about seeking help for some time, when my relationship almost fell apart too I knew I had to take action now.

Cara immediately made me feel at ease, and once we started discussing symptoms, not only did I realise the full extent of my anxieties, but I was assured in my own mind that I had made the absolute right decision. Within a couple of weeks, food stopped holding any power over me, and bit by bit I started to handle everyday stresses with more confidence.

At times it hasn’t been an easy journey, but it has been worth every second. I feel a lightness in my spirit, and know my body will follow suit! I feel a happiness that permeates my whole being, and for the first time, have a positive attitude towards the future! I have more focus and clarity of mind, and little niggles that would have once had me panicking are now dealt with with ease.

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about my future, and my life from here on out. I left Cara with a huge smile on my lips and literally a spring in my step, and that’s how I intend to approach all that life has in store for me from now on. This feeling is priceless, and its all thanks to Cara’s guidance that I’m feeling this way. Not only have the sessions helped me to this stage, but knowing that I set my feet on the path to wellness by first admitting I needed help and then seeking it out is actually quite empowering!

Thank you so much Cara, for bringing out the best in me that’s been hiding all these years! A whole page of thank you’s would just about cover how grateful I am!

Louise, 34, treated for weight loss

Dear Cara. Happy New Year to you. Just to let you know that the wedding went brillant – lots of family problems etc on the day but I did the Dream Technique which worked brilliantly.  Thank you.

Same with the seaplane – I actually enjoyed it and it was nothing to worry about at all….

Annmarie, treated for wedding day nerves and fear of flying.

I just wanted to say how happy and grateful I am to you, Cara. I used to be an emetophobe but since coming to you I have overcome my fear of sick. I’m so glad I took that step of coming in to see you. I never believed that anyone could help me. No one understood – I wasn’t just scared – I was petrified. I would rather jump off a cliff than see, hear or be sick…..

….I’m so happy now and can’t stop smiling and can’t believe I used to be scared of sick. Thank you so much for changing my life and making it a better one. To other sufferers out there, don’t live with this fear as I don’t anymore xxxx

Claire, 22, treated for emetophobia (fear of being sick)

There has been a big improvement of my symptoms and many side issues also! I didn’t realise it but I no longer have panic attacks at nite, no matter how stressful my day has been, or what’s been on my mind! Things just aren’t bothering me at all anymore – nothing really plays on my mind to the extent that it annoys me! You’ve helped me more than I ever believed possible! I have say a big thank you. I really appreciate what you’ve done to help me.

Joe, 25, treated for Premature Ejaculation (PE) & panic attacks.

I came to Cara as I was having trouble losing weight. I had tried every diet and finally found one that was working but something was holding me back from making it a success. At my first session with Cara I knew I had made the right decision. I found out those problems I had been struggling with for years (such as anger, headaches, stress and depression) could all be related to the same thing.

I was pretty relieved I had found Cara but also very sceptical of whether it would actually work for me, after all I had tried counselling and different therapies before.  Well it has. I can’t believe what a weight has been lifted from me and how lucky I am that I found Cara and she was able to sort me out. I feel much better in my relationship with my husband, but the real change for me is my relationship with food. This need to fill myself with food has gone. I also feel calmer overall.

Before I would snap at the smallest thing as my stress levels were always so high. This wasn’t good for my personal relationships but also affected my relationships with work mates. I feel more confident now at work as a result. Cara was so supportive, positive and caring throughout my time with her I can’t thank her enough for getting me through to the end. I feel reborn and so excited about what the future will bring, now I have let go of all my blocked emotions.
Alison, 37, treated for weight loss.

Thank you Cara, you have given me, me back!

For as long as I can remember I have felt different, I haven’t quite fitted in.  I have had very strong emotional feelings about myself, a self loathing. I sometimes used to feel a cloud hanging over me it affected my life, my relationships, my confidence, in fact everything.

But now I feel FREE!

I feel in control of my everyday feelings and those negative feeling which always came to destroy me or my diet. I don’t put myself down anymore and if I feel any negative thoughts I can soon get rid of them and take control.

It’s a funny feeling, light, happy, airy, clear and it feels wonderful.  I never want to go back to that dark place again.

Cara, thank you for all your kindness.  I always felt I could trust you and felt complety relaxed in your hands.  You have a great sense of humour and know how to put people at their ease.  I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending you to anyone who needs your expertise.

Glad I have finished my therapy but going to miss our chats, you’re a lovely person! Thank you!

Lindsay, 40, treated for weight loss, binge eating and low self esteem.

For years I suffered facial blushing until it got so out of control I had to seek help.  I am delighted to say that in Cara’s therapy this is exactly what I found. Through the safe, confidential and trusting relationship created with Cara I was able to release the bottled up emotions linked to my symptoms. Although it was overwhelming at times Cara was very reassuring and most importantly non judgemental.

On completing therapy I feel like a new person. I am now confident, happy and most crucial of all I now enjoy challenging myself to enter situations I previously would have avoided. I feel like I have a new lease of life. Thank you Cara – I genuinely could not have overcome this without your help, encouragement and support. :o)

Kristina, 24, treated for blushing

I battled with vaginismus for several years and was convinced I was abnormal and incapable of having a sexual relationship with my husband.  I tried psychosexual therapy, couple therapy and every self help tool you can imagine – to no avail.  Then I met Cara who helped me through a journey of self discovery. It was tough, very emotional and even quite daunting at times but I was determined to get through it.

I did.  And you know what?  Sex is great!!
This therapy saved my marriage and has helped me feel like me again.

I have never been happier! I thank you Cara with all my heart.
Sara, 29, treated for vaginismus

I just wanted to let you know that my IBS symptoms have pretty much gone now, following my course of therapy with you. Its now well under control and I have not had to go back to the continuous course of medication that I had previously been on for over two years. I am convinced that the treatment you provided has done the trick – thanks for all your patience!

Steve, 52, treated for IBS

Since the (last) session i can honestly say it feels like a large weight has been lifted and i have been feeling much more confident and happy. My moods, which have been up and down in the past few weeks, have been on an even optimistic keel. Despite being the writer it’s hard to actually explain the changes or put it into words, but suffice to say it has all been positive. I supopose the only way to sum it up is that my entire outlook seems to be shifting.

For the first time in a long while my first thought isn’t ‘i can’t do that’ or to feel terrified at doing something outside my small comfort zone. Which is a huge difference. Thank you very much for all of your help, i don’t think i would have been able to open up like i did were it not for you making me feel so comfortable in our sessions.

Lucy, 26, treated for panic attacks and social anxiety

I came to Cara at the point when my jealousy and insecurities had reached breaking point. I felt very unhappy and angry all the time and could not see it geting better. Only seven sessions of hypnoanalysis and I am extremely pleased to say that I feel on top of the world. Cara has helped me bring out the emotions that I had bottled up while I was a child and get rid of all the guilt, anger and hatred that I had within myself which was seriously affecting my daily life as an adult. In my opinion, going for hypnoanalysis was one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

I would highly recommend Cara, as she is extremely friendly, kind, non-judgemental and most importantly she knows what she is doing. Thank you for everything, Cara.

Priya, 28, treated for jealousy

Thankyou for your integrity, your compassion and for believing in me when I didn’t think I would ever get to the truth, thank you for making sense of my past but mostly thanks for giving me a hopeful and positive future.

Catherine, 53, treated for emetophobia (fear of being sick)

I cannot begin to thank you enough for how you have helped me. My emetophobia is now a thing of the past thanks to you, Cara, and hypnoanalysis. When i first met you I found it hard to believe that any therapy could help my symptoms – i’d tried CBT and counseling – both dissappointingly ineffective. After 8 or 9 sessions of hypnoanalysis i can now start to live again, without the fear of being sick. It sounds a bit dramatic (well, you know me!) but you really have given me my life back and i wake every morning with a spring in my step!

Janet, 56, treated for emetophobia (fear of being sick)

I don’t know where to start to thank you for your help. I no longer feel anxious when I’m next to someone who is driving and I sleep peacefully now, not thinking of anyone breaking into my house. Most important than all is that I can be in my own house all by myself now. So thank you so much Cara.

Leena, 28, treated for anxieties at home and in the car

I am doing great and enjoying every moment without cigarettes. I don’t think about it at all and am even wondering what was all the fuss about. It meant nothing to me as soon as I left your office…

Terry, 63, Treated for stopping smoking

Cara, I just wanted to say thank you for your time, determination and patience in getting me through this. My attitude has changed in the way I handle all situations and have a much calmer approach to everything. All bouts of doubt and anxiety have unbelievably been lifted.

My head feels a lot lighter and less cluttered. I guess only someone else who’s been through therapy with you would fully appreciate this. Sheena, 30, treated for cannabis abuse to deal with her anxiety

… I am really happy with how I have progressed and can feel a definite change in the way I feel and think and I’m much more confident in social situations.  I’ve also noticed that I analyse less about what I think people may think of me.

Thank you so, so, so much for sorting me out and for listening to me. I know I wouldn’t be feeling the way I feel now if I had never met you.

Anita, 37, treated for social anxiety & confidence

Prior to therapy I felt bouts of sadness for no apparent reason. I thought I constantly had PMT and it was the norm. Things came to a head when I started to feel overly anxious driving on the motorway. This came out of nowhere.

Having now completed therapy I generally feel content and small things that may have bothered me previously do not faze me now. I also feel less anger and a general sense of wellbeing. After 15 years of grinding my jaw and getting daily headaches this has improved by about 90% which is amazing as I had tried various techniques prior to therapy.

When I first met Cara and she explained that my symptoms were due to an unreleased emotion, I thought she was full of mumbo jumbo however I was proved wrong. Throughout therapy Cara was supportive yet honest and this is what got me through to the end.

Sarita, 31, treated for anxiety with motorway driving

I can’t believe what a change you have made to my life. I feel so good and I am shopping and have spent so much money on lovely clothes. Thank you so much…

Kerry, 27, treated for weight loss and low self esteem.

Dear Cara. You have made my life feel lighter and brighter. Thank you. This journey ended with a revelation that has lifted a weight from my life. I have a different appreciation that has allowed me to change my daily life and I am now enjoying healthier, happier and less stressful living.

It feels like a privilege to unlock this understanding in my life, an exploration I often find myself recommending to others with any kind of life-affecting problem. It was an invaluable experience and insight to my life, I am so grateful.

Sally, 26, treated for Bulimia

I cannot begin to thank you enough for what you have done for me and my family. I came to you as a chap who put on a mask to the outside world that everything was fine and dandy, while underneath the surface I was drowning in emotions of guilt, nerves, anxiety, frustration and self hate.

But thanks to your help, support, confidence and superb therapy sessions, I have became so much more confident, guilt free, less frustrated, anxious, nervous and so much more happier with life but more importantly feeling so much more contented with myself as a person. I couldn’t recommend this therapy treatment any more if I tried.
Thank you so much for helping change my life for the better!!!!

Jon, 40, treated for weight loss and self confidence

My outlook and attitude has changed so much that people around me have commented on the postive changed that has come over me. The tension and stress has gone and the phobias I suffered are in the past.  If something that you can’t understand is holding you back and affecting your health then you should consider this therapy and release the past which you have locked away and holding onto.

Jenny, 29, treated for phobias, depression, headaches and stress

I now have a general feeling of well-being in my head and my everyday life. Things that might have bothered me hugely in the past now hardly bother me at all, spiders included! It’s all about my life and starting to live without the feeling of something being not quite right. it is such a fantastic feeling when you finally get those thoughts out! I would recommend this therapy with utmost sincerity.

Jane, 37, treated for weight loss, spider phobia and dental phobia

I have been trying to stop smoking for many years and i knew i would be a tough nut to crack! I can now thankfully say, after just one session, I am a non smoker! Just writing that down brings a smile to my face. Cara is a great lady who makes you feel relaxed and above all wants you to succeed.

Guy, 40, treated for smoking

Flying was a real ordeal for me. I had a phobia of it and would try to avoid it where possible. Since seeing Cara only once, I have flown without fear, something never thought I would do. It has changed my life, as I can now visit members of my family who live abroad.

Annie, 62, treated for flying phobia

Since I saw you I’ve had quite a busy, stressful time but I’ve still not smoked, so what you did is even more impressive. Thanks so much – I’m amazed at the effect the hypnotherapy had and really appreciated your approach and support

Jemma, 35, treated for smoking

Since my therapy, I’ve discovered the old me that has been buried for a long time under the fear of panicking. By applying techniques you taught me, I’m tackling my fears head on and getting back to the confident, fun loving person I used to be

Vicky, 24 (treated for panic attacks)

I saw you 3 weeks ago today and I just wanted to say thank you, I haven’t touched a cigarette and I have no intention of doing so.

Thank you so much for helping me.

Alison, 22, treated for smoking

* some client names have been changed to preserve anonymity.

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