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This page is aimed at all those people out there who are in, or have a pattern of being in a difficult or destructive relationships. From my experience with my clients, there are many people out there in unhappy relationships.

This can result in affecting our self worth and self confidence, leaving us feeling hurt, undermined and confused. Or, perhaps due to low self esteem we put up with unfair behaviour; people with good self-esteem do not let others treat them badly.

Or perhaps it is our own behaviour which is sabotaging a good relationship by being excessively insecure, jealous or having outbursts of intense anger.

Signs of problems in relationships

• Feelings of low self-esteem, low confidence and inadequacy
• Feelings of hurt or fear of being hurt
• Feelings of guilt
• Feelings of jealousy, possessiveness and a lack of trust
• Feelings of unworthiness or not being good enough
• Fear of commitment, being rejected and feelings of rejection
• Feelings of insecurity and vulnerability
• Feelings of betrayal or fear of being betrayed
• Difficulty cutting emotional ties with previous partners
• Sexual problems for men or women


Many relationships have suffered or ended due to the negative thoughts caused by jealous feelings. Jealousy can manifest itself as anxiety over an anticipated loss of love or an insecurity of not matching up to others. Jealousy often consists of a combination of emotions such as insecurity, resentment, inadequacy and helplessness.

At the very heart of jealousy is a lack of self worth or self esteem by the sufferer. Jealous feelings may even arise unprompted, ie, not in response to the actions of their partner (or others). However, when someone feels insecure within themselves, it can be easy to compare themself unfavourably with other people. No one can make another person feel jealous – it has to come from within and if we have poor self esteem, it can very easy for those insecure buttons to get pushed.

Communication Difficulties

There are a number of reasons why people in relationships may bottle up their feelings – leading to issues in their relationship. People may feel silly or exposed talking about their innermost feelings and may fear rejection or ridicule from their partner. It could also be that there is resentment in the relationship and in order to try to maintain control and power, people may put up boundaries around themselves and not let their partners ‘in’.

Self esteem, again, is usually always an issue here. People with self esteem problems often don’t feel worthy of airing how they feel. They may worry how their partner will perceive them or judge them after opening up (social anxiety). When people have poor self esteem, they are can be excellent listeners for other people, but have low expectations about how much they can ask of other people’s time and attention.

Help for Relationship Problems Rickmansworth | The Thrive Programme

The Thrive Programme is an amazingly effective and empowering way to boost your confidence and increase your self worth, either as an individual or one half of a relationship. As you read above, so many problems within relationships can be the result of poor self esteem of the people in them. I can work with one person or both partners together in joint sessions.

The good news is that it is actually very easy to change your self esteem using the Thrive Programme. We create poor self esteem by the way that we think of ourselves and process our experiences in life. I will teach you that good self esteem is achievable in just two weeks – even if you feel you have had poor self esteem all of your life and your relationships have always suffered because of it.

Thrive will provide you with amazing personal insight, allowing you to totally change any limiting belief systems that are adversely affecting your life in just five or six weekly sessions. If you feel that you have a lack of self esteem or self confidence and if it is causing problems in your life then contact me today and become the person you would like to be.

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