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About Depression

Depression is very common and it is estimated that between 10-20% of the population are suffering from it to some extent at any one time. Major depression is the number one psychological disorder in the western world*.

We can all feel down from time to time – feelings of sadness are quite normal. We can miserable or ‘in a mood’ but depression is where one feels this to a greater extent and for weeks or months, rather than days.

Depression can often surface in the context of relationships: death of loved ones, romantic and marital breakups, betrayals by friends or authority figures can all significantly increase the risk of depression. However, many clients that I see can also feel depressed or unhappy in the absence of anything very upsetting in their life. Very often, feelings of depression can seem to come out of nowhere, without any clear outward cause. Hypnotherapy for depression in Rickmansworth Ruislip Pinner Harrow

I hadn’t believed that I would ever be totally free of the feelings of anxiousness and the persistent negative thoughts, but they are now completely gone and I am finally able to relax and feel happy for the first time in years. I am confident that I will never return to the way I was before as I have completely changed the way I think, and I can’t even remember what it felt like to be so unhappy! Cara has helped me to completely change my life and I couldn’t be more grateful….thank you.

Zoe, 30 , help with depression and anxietyHypnotherapy for depression in Rickmansworth Ruislip Pinner Harrow

Indications of depression

• Spending a lot of time thinking about what has gone wrong, what will go wrong or what is wrong with you.
• Brooding and ruminating about things. Black or white thinking patterns.
• Feeling useless and inadequate and losing self-confidence. Avoiding other people.
• Feeling hopeless – that nothing will make things better. Suicidal thoughts
• Being unable to gain pleasure from activities that normally would be pleasurable.
• Difficulty sleeping or waking early in the morning, or even getting out of bed in the morning. Nightmares can also be a factor. Feeling constantly tired and low in energy
• Having a poor appetite, no interest in food and losing weight (though some people gain weight due to comfort eating).

Hypnotherapy for depression in Rickmansworth Ruislip Pinner Harrow

Thrive is an actively engaging programme which… really does change the way you react, think and feel about almost everything in life. It has truly made me realise that life is actually pretty simple, and what happened to me in the past is the past, and by simply re-gaining control of my thoughts and therefore actions, I am the happiest I could have ever imagined. Thrive truly saved me, and nothing I can say can explain the depth and extent to which it did so, but all I know is that those feelings of sadness and helplessness are a genuine distant memory and Ive never felt so in control of all my emotions.

Jasmin, 20, overcame her depression  Hypnotherapy for depression in Rickmansworth Ruislip Pinner Harrow

Depression and self belief

From my experience, these two factors are often connected. Often people develop depression BECAUSE of their lack of  self belief. When we feel that we do not have the skills, ability or personality to deal with life or challenging situations, we can respond in a number of unhelpful ways. One way is to retreat from life, and spend many hours brooding and worrying. These brooding thoughts are rarely positive and helpful and, in fact, do even more to ingrain feelings of helplessness and inadequacy, further lowering our self esteem.

Suggestion Hypnotherapy for depression

For more of a ‘quick fix’ solution to reducing stress, suggestion hypnotherapy may be used. It is most effectively used as a self esteem and confidence boost in areas such as smoking, nail-biting, pre-test nerves, relaxation, presentation nerves, etc. You are relaxed into a nice, calm, relaxed state, and whilst in that state, given suggestions to combat your symptoms. It is successful because it works with the client’s own mind by reinforcing strong, positive suggestions about success or achievement.

Please note that I always accompany suggestion therapy sessions with fundemental areas of the Thrive Programme to give you additional insight and control over your issue. Suggestion therapy usually only requires between two and three sessions

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