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If you have landed on this page, you may be looking for a hypnotherapist to help you with emetophobia – your fear of vomitting. Whilst I believe hypnotherapy can be helpful for a number of anxiety-related symptoms, it is not the most effective cure for emetophobia.

At the very heart of the vomit phobia is the anxiety of feeling out of control. This leads to over-compensating controlling thoughts and behaviours to try and gain a sense of calm and control. Therefore any treatment of emetophobia should seek to give the sufferer that insight and knowledge into their thinking and tools to empower them to take back useful, emotional control.

Such an intervention is The Thrive Programme – a unique, easy to understand and life-changing six session psychological training programme. During one to one weekly sessions with me, I will teach you all you need to know to create good self esteem and a strong sense of control over your life.

The aim of the Programme involves so much more than just helping you to overcome your emetophobia symptoms, but ultimately teaching you how feel happy, mentally robust….and Thrive.

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Thrive for Emetophobia – outstanding results!

emetophobia hypnotherapy rickmansworth uxbridge ruislip pinner londonIn the largest ever research survey on the efficacy of treatment for emetophobia, ALL 35 participants improved. All initially rated their emetophobia as having a ‘severe’ impact upon their lives. After completing the Thrive Programme, 30 of the emetophobic participants rated their symptoms as having little to no impact on their lives. The remaining five rated them as having a modest impact.

All Participants felt significantly more in control and powerful after completing the Thrive Programme. There was a decrease in the participants’ social anxiety scores and their self-esteem was also increased at the end of the programme.

For more information on the Thrive Programme help for emetophobia, Click here.

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Louise Fellows, 38, talks about her experience of Thrive to overcome her emetophobia

emetophobia hypnotherapyFrom as young as 8 years old I developed an ever growing fear of sickness, although I’m not sure what it was that started it. Since then my emetophobia had developed a growing debilitating presence in my everyday life. I developed obsessive cleaning and sanitation habits as I was terrified of getting anything like Norovirus. Through recognizing my career aspirations and ambitions, some significant life changing events (Divorce), battling with Depression in my early 20’s for 18 months and now being a proud mum to my seven year old son meant I couldn’t go on anymore with this phobia it was really ruining my life.

It was only after I researched “fear of sickness” online that I realised firstly it had a name “emetophobia” and secondly that I wasn’t alone and thirdly there was a programme called “THRIVE” that could cure me! WOW! So I found my amazing Thrive consultant, Cara.  Cara worked patiently and encouragingly with me through the programme and was my absolute rock and anchor to help me understand my inner workings and my belief systems which helped me find that cure.

The fantastic thing about Cara and the Thrive programme is that she made me understand that it was ME that would find the cure! The Thrive book was my training course and Cara supported every step along the way but it was down to me to put the effort in and work through the exercises and process process process my mind to make this change.

Cara helped me learn so much about myself, people have seen such a significant change in me. As well as Cara helping me cure my phobia, she has given me confidence. I have a renewed gravitas in my personal and professional life. It’s a whole new me, and I can’t actually believe a book has done this for me. It has changed my life, it was worth every penny. I’m sure like any emetephobe that this review reaches out to, you only need to take 6 weeks of your life after suffering years of misery to cure this debilitating and secret Phobia. Thrive really is a cure. Thank you Cara so much, I hope that many more emetephobes come to you for this cure.hypnotherapy fear of sick

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