Hypnotherapy for Anxiety and Panic Attacks at the Rickmansworth Hypnotherapy Clinic.

anxiety panic attacks hypnotherapy rickmansworthHelp with Anxiety and Panic Attacks. Hypnotherapy clinic close to the areas of Chorleywood, Croxley Green. Amersham, Chesham and Berkhamsted.

The effects of stress is evident everywhere in our society now and can result in problems such as migraines, back/neck problems, stomach and digestion problems, or feeling tearful or unable to cope with life.

If you have been feeling very stressed over a long period of time over something for no apparent reason then you are probably suffering from anxiety. This is often referred to as suffering from within by something that is outside of your control. Hypnotherapy can also help with positive thinking and assertiveness, helping you to feel better about your ability to cope.

anxiety panic attacks hypnotherapy rickmansworth
Prior to therapy I felt bouts of sadness for no apparent reason. I thought I constantly had PMT and it was the norm. Things came to a head when I started to feel overly anxious driving on the motorway. This came out of nowhere. Having now completed therapy I generally feel content and small things that may have bothered me previously do not faze me now.

I also feel less anger and a general sense of wellbeing. After 15 years of grinding my jaw and getting daily headaches this has improved by about 90% which is amazing as I had tried various techniques prior to therapy.

Sarita, 31, treated for anxiety with motorway drivingquote-top

Panic Attacks

If you’ve suffered a panic attack, you’ll understand the terror and anxiety they cause. They’re very common and symptoms include palpitations, shortness of breath – hyperventilating, sweating and feelings of loss of control. Every symptom you experience during an attack is a natural, harmless part of your body’s fight-or-flight reaction – but can very frightening at the time as you feel so out of control.

Panic symptoms are the direct result of the hormone adrenaline which is released when you perceive that you are in danger. With the release of adrenaline, your blood pressure increases and breathing speeds up preparing you for muscular effort. Your legs may shake as they are prepared for running; your hands may shake as the large muscles of your arms are prepared to fight. Although the feelings you experience are very unpleasant, they will do you no harm.

anxiety panic attacks hypnotherapy rickmansworthSince the last session I can honestly say it feels like a large weight has been lifted and I have been feeling much more confident and happy. My moods, which have been up and down in the past few weeks, have been on an even optimistic keel…my entire outlook seems to be shifting.

For the first time in a long while my first thought isn’t ‘i can’t do that’ or to feel terrified at doing something outside my small comfort zone. Which is a huge difference. Thank you very much for all of your help

Lucy, 26, treated for panic attacks and social anxiety anxiety panic attacks hypnotherapy rickmansworth

Your anxiety can be managed as long as your thoughts about particular situations are realistic and accurate. But if you overestimate the danger and these feelings are fueled by catastrophic thoughts, your anxiety will increase dramatically. Once a panic attack has happened in a situation, the mind can quickly learn to fear the situation itself. You begin to ‘fear the fear’ itself. The panic response can be ‘conditioned’ to be triggered by the situation or environment.

The good news is that many people have recovered from panic attacks, and you can too!

Suggestion Hypnotherapy for Anxiety and Panic Attacks:

For more of a ‘quick fix’ solution to reducing stress, suggestion hypnotherapy may be used. It  is most effectively used as a self esteem and confidence boost in areas such as smoking, nail-biting, pre-test nerves, relaxation, presentation nerves, etc.You are relaxed into a nice, calm, relaxed state, and whilst in that state, given suggestions to combat your symptoms. It is successful because it works with the client’s own mind by reinforcing strong, positive suggestions about success or achievement.

Please note that I always accompany suggestion therapy sessions with fundemental areas of the Thrive Programme to give you additional insight and control over your issue. Suggestion therapy usually only requires between two and three sessions.

The Thrive Programme

This is the main treatment that I practice because it is so effective and empowering. The Thrive Programme is a very powerful and life changing training six-session programme that teaches you how to create solid psychological and emotional foundations such as good self esteem and a strong sense of control over yourself and your life.

All symptoms and anxieties stem from issues with our beliefs and thinking and Thrive will give you invaluable insight into yourself, allowing you to think very differently, change old patterns of behaviour and feel back in control. Read more it here: The Thrive Programme.

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